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    Sang by Elizabeth Naranjo and Henry D'Arias, "Lunar" takes us through a prog journey: from quite emotional passages, to heavy riffage. Check it out in Youtube and bandcamp.
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    Solo project from the keyboard and guitar player/songwriter from the Costa Rican band Time's Forgotten and guitar player for The Cursed.

    The idea is to collaborate with other musicians that suit the specific record Juan Pablo wants to make at the time.





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    Cloud Walking

    first album

    This first album focuses on the use of different singers, one for each song. Juan Pablo wanted to explore the different textures of the voices of his favorite singers from Costa Rica, who he knew, were excellent songwriters as well.

    They are: Daniel Bissinger from Foffo Goddy, Felipe Pérez from 424, Adriana Muñoz from Adrenal, Jacobo Chaverri from Dream of Fire, Rodo Rod from Sleazer, Mariana Echeverría from Passiflora, Henry D'Arias from The Electric Creatures and David Cubero from Sr. Tijeras.

    Cloud Walking also has incredible instrumentalists and guests from other costarican bands: Federico Gutierrez, guitar, from Corpse Garden, René Montiel on bass, Charlie Calvo on drums and Ritchie Nieto on guitar and of course Juan Pablo Calvo on guitars and keyboards

    This album is heavily influenced by metal, post rock and ambient rock.

    The Third Silence

    second album

    On this record, “The Third Silence”, Calvo is using five singers who sing together on some songs, making harmonies with each other, or taking the lead when the song needs it: Plus, there will be several guest instrumentalists. The Third Silence is a concept record. Calvo decided to write about life and death, about what we decide to leave behind when we pass. It is a very personal record that touches the subjects of despair, loneliness, hope, and how we decide to live our lives every step of the

    way; until we reach our end in peace.

    Guests for this album are:

    Musicians on the album: Juan Pablo Calvo (guitars, keys), Charlie Calvo (drums), Chalo Trejos (fret less bass), Germán Gallardo (guest guit sólo on 4), Fernando Coto (guest guit solo on 6) Federico Miranda (guest guit solos on 7) Eduardo Oviedo (flute solo on 6), Jorge Guri (keys on 6).
    Singers: David Cubero, Elizabeth Naranjo, Bernal Villegas, Henry
    D’Arias, Sebastián Acuña, Juan Pablo Calvo

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